Greetings Earth Dwellers,

Nairobi happens to be filled with a vast selection of artists who can feed your every desire. Whether it is photographers who focus on Nairobi’s beautiful skyline, poets who tell stories of their childhood and dark nights of their adolescence, musicians who sing of love, butterflies, joy and all things sunshine or fashion bloggers who continue to inspire your every day wear, Nairobi has it all.

William “Nyeks” Kanyeki.

Meet William Kanyeki, artist, founder, designer and all that jazz of Nyeks Apparel whichΒ is dedicated to well designed stuff with a dose of creativity, they are made for the young, old, fun, serious, geeks and artists who want a change.

It happens to be much more than that. Β Anyone who has seen this design has been attracted to its authenticity and uniqueness in the designs; Chikitiki and the Nyekitiki

So, we took a trip, one hour out of Nairobi armed with a random pair of heels. Lindsay, Quentin ( the Live Props πŸ™‚ ) and Nikola to capture the ChikiTiki onΒ film? memory card. πŸ™‚

_MG_3126 _MG_3137 _MG_3142 _MG_3158 DSC_8896 DSC_8899 DSC_8929 DSC_8933 DSC_8939 DSC_88961

Now, Machakos.

It is a beautiful place and is greener than what most people perceive about it. Its made up of flat land that extends to the horizon and just before it gets there, its captures by a hill that is reaching for the heavens. The sun (thank heavens) wasn’t too hot and there was the occasional perfect breeze that reminded us of what season we were in.


Nikola :) Our impromptu but amazing shoot director.





Even though it is only one hour away, Machakos was beyond amazing and temporarily satisfied our wanderlust.


Bazuli Bemhlaba


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